Maithry Utzav 2020 Painting Competition Rules/Criteria

·         The painting competition will be held onsite. Please check the Utzav website for time and location details.

·         Total duration to finish the painting:  2 hours

·         Age categories: 8 and below,  9-12, 13 and above

·         Theme:  Theme for each age category will be different, and will be announced by Feb 15th

·         Painting media: water color, color pencils, crayons, pastels, oil pastels, acrylic & oil colors.

·         What is provided onsite: mixed media painting paper (14’x17′). Although not encouraged, if you are planning to use oil medium, please bring your own canvas. Water, paper towel, table/chair will be available at the venue.

·         What the participant should bring: color and the accessories (pencil, brushes, eraser, color, water cup, any other painting accessories you may need).

Theme for the Painting:

Age Category: 8 and below:  “My School”

What is expected: You may draw and paint a scene indoor or outdoor related to your school.

Age Category: 9-12 years:  “The Fairy Land”

What is expected: Let your imagination fly away to a faraway fairly land. Make it colorful and interesting with any living or imaginable subjects, and anything up to your imagination.

Age Category: 13-18 years:  “The Street Singer”

What is expected: You may paint a scene depicting a singer at the street trying to make a living.